NEW MUSIC: Clive Pollard – Southwell Suite

16 July 2010   Clive Pollard – Southwell Suite

I composed the Southwell Suite as an affectionate expression of my love for Southwell, the place, the Minster and the surrounding countryside.  The pastoral quality of the music is unashamedly light and airy, with a few romantic moments and a rather dark and. mysterious fourth movement.  I’m so grateful to the Helix Ensemble for providing me with the opportunity of performing it (for the first time!) in such a prestigious venue.  I can’t wait !

1.    Prelude:  A journey to Southwell through the countryside, on a bright, sunny morning.

2.    The Minster:  A portrait of stately, graceful architecture.

3.    The Burgage:  A breath of fresh air! Freshly-cut grass, trees and bird song.

4.    Medieval Carvings: A tour of medieval faces and grotesques in the Minster, all frozen in time.

5.    The Market Town: A busy market day, picturesque buildings nestling within idyllic countryside.

6.    Postlude:  Contemplation and reflection at the end of an eventful day in Southwell

Clive Pollard

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