NEW MUSIC: Ivor Hodgson – Divertimento

16 January 2010   Ivor Hodgson – Divertimento

The two movements you will hear tonight, under the heading of “Divertimento”, are from a larger work entitled “A Little Light Music”, a piece that brings together many rhythms and feelings from the “lighter” side of what we might call classical music.

The first movement “Song” is a rather melancholy, almost sad portrayal of a sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”.  The simple melody gathers more and more instruments as it moves away from its safe beginning arriving at a heavy minor section where the steady semiquavers represent an anxious heartbeat.  I end the movement as it began, with warm harmonies under a soulful Bassoon solo.

The second movement contains many dance like motifs and idioms, it is fast flowing and energetic and culminates in a grand fugue.

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