NEW MUSIC: Leonard Pegg Violin Concerto (1912)

25 March 2006   Leonard Pegg Violin Concerto (1912)

On Saturday March 25th 2006 at All Saints Church Loughborough, local musicians of the Helix Ensemble will help bring to life a violin concerto which has lain dormant in a hand written manuscript for something like a hundred years.

It must have been through local musical circles that Leonard met May Pass, a solo violinist and tutor, four years his senior.

Leonard and May married in January 1912 at St. Mary’s church, Loughborough.  The birth of their son, Raymund perhaps inspired Leonard to further creativity as several unpublished piano pieces date from the summer and autumn of 1912.

Leonard’s one published work, “Invocation” for violin and piano, may be taken as a tribute to his beloved, as indeed may be the violin concerto, undated and barely revised, as it seems to be.

The concert on March 25th 2006 gives us a unique opportunity to hear something of this young composer’s mind and heart as interpreted through the musical craft, skill and imagination of the local Helix Ensemble players together with their director Jacques Cohen and soloist Michelle Taylor.


Leonard Pegg – Composer and Musician

Leonard Pegg – Violin Concerto

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